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Choose your Prioriity plan


    Securing your internal wellbeing
    Free Plan
    • Private pages (PRIORIITY diary)
    • Anonymous username & password(PRIORIITY code)
    • Dedicated PRIORIITY coaching associate
    • FREE live chats
  • Premium PRIORIITY

    Every month
    You deserve more
    • All benefits & features of Basic PRIORIITY & more
    • PCA's comment on diary entries within 6hours
    • Preferred chat & tele-sessions with your PCA within 6hours
  • Executive PRIORIITY

    Every month
    For executives, public leaders & organization heads
    • All the privileges of the Basic PRIORIITY
    • All the privileges of the Premium PRIORIITY
    • Tailored to enhance your leadership impact
    • Complementary 3/4 of an hour, one on one/in-camera session
    • Preferential 1hour limit on all appointment requests
    • Access to PRIORIITY coaching partners(not associates)
  • Enterprise PRIORIITY

    Every year
    Groups that grow together, glow together
    • Corporate package
    • Designed to cater to the needs of members of any group
    • Affords the leadership all benefits of Executive PRIORIITY
    • Members get treated like our Premium PRIORIITY
    • Optional quarterly 2-day Enterprise Retreat
    • Facilitation by both PRIORITY coaching associates & partners
    • Base membership fee + negotiated annual package price
  • PRIORIITY Couple

    Every month
    Ongoing partner's support infrastructure
    • Premium PRIORIITY privileges for couples & business partners
    • Full access to each others PRIORIITY diary
    • Joint support from the same PRIORIITY coaching associate
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